Sunday, November 1, 2020

30 Days of (Works in) Progress: Day 1

Do you ever find yourself torn between the urge to start a new, fresh, creative project and the knowledge that you already have waaaaay too many unfinished projects in your queue?  Yeah, I'm right there with you. Big time.

It's November 1, which for many memory-keeping fans, means it's time to start documenting "30 Days of Gratitude" in a beautiful new mini album.  And while I so long to take out all the cute fall scrapbooking supplies I have hoarded away (goodness knows I could use some disciplined time to use them up for something) I can't help but ignore the nagging voice in the back of my head that's telling me to finish maybe just a *few* of the things I've started.

So if you'd like to join me, let's take these next 30 days to just make *progress* on some of our works in progress.  I know I can't possibly tie up all the loose ends, but maybe I can get a few things wrapped up and feel good knowing that I made progress.

I'll have a few daily challenges up for you to get started and then we can share our progress along the way.  Let's use the hashtag #30daysofwip on Instagram to share our accomplishments, big & small.

Day 1 Challenge: Works in Progress Brain Dump

**Set a timer for 15 minutes** Let's not let this take up our whole day or become too overwhelming

  1. Grab a notebook/scrap of paper/phone list-making app, it doesn't need to be pretty, it needs to be easy.
  2. Walk around your house from room to room and jot down all the little projects you've been meaning to get to.  These could be crafting projects, things you've been meaning to declutter, home repairs, gardening projects, etc.
  3. If you have bins full of projects, you can just create a category for those right now (i.e. bins of quilting projects).
  4. If in 15 minutes, you haven't been able to list all of your many projects, this is a great time to just lump together those other areas and consider them "big projects" for right now.  This could be your garage, or all those bags full of half-finished knitting projects.  We don't need to get too detailed today let's just get it done.
  5. Take a moment (set a 5 minute timer if you need to) and sit with your list.  How do you feel?  Are there any projects that sound like fun?  Are there any that make you want to crawl into a ball and take a nap?  Those feelings are fine.  We're going to make progress, it's ok!
That's it for today.  If one of your projects is calling you to work on it today for a bit - go for it!

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