Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Day 4 - 30 Days of Works in Progress

Baby Steps

In order to make progress, we need small, actionable steps that we can accomplish.  There's probably a reason these projects are stuck and in order to unstick them, we need to figure out concrete steps to get us back on track.

Of course it would be lovely to have a beautiful tracker for your project... but let's get real here.  This month is about getting projects in progress done, not designing a new project to organize our projects.  #sorrynotsorry So grab a fresh sheet of paper or a new sheet in your notebook and let's start a project sheet just for this project.

  1.  List out step-by-step what needs to be happen for this project to get done.  Each one of these steps needs to be something easily trackable and ideally something that can be finished in 15 minutes.  
  2. Are there supplies you need to purchase to finish the project or things you need to research to get unstuck?  Those are both actionable steps, write them down.
  3. Clear a space to work on your project
  4. Plan out you when you're going to work on your project.  Can you squeeze in 15 minutes/day after dinner?  Can you carver out 2 hours on Saturday afternoons?  
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