Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Day 3 - 30 Days of Work in Progress

Let's break it down!

In order to make progress on your project, we're going to need to break it down into small, actionable steps.  If you're starting with a bucket/category of projects, we'll need to break it down further.  If you have a more concrete project, you can skip to step 2.

Step 1: Break down that Bucket 'o Projects:

This is for those of you who have chosen something that's really a bunch of projects, like "garage" or "bins of quilting projects"

  1. You are going to need to subdivide your category before we go any further.  An example of a project tracker I like, is this Quilting Work in Progress tracker. It's nice to have a visual like that for projects that have similar pathways.  You could also just create a simple list.
  2. Estimate how close to done you are and mark that next to each project.  In the Quilting example below, it's easy to see from the various steps.  For other projects you can just guess.  Example: Is it closer to 50% done or 90% done?
  3. Pick a project to start with, here are a couple of ideas on how to choose:
    • Start with the one that's closest to done.
    • Start with one that's most timely (for example, I have a dress I'm knitting for my daughter that if I don't finish soon, will be too small for her).

Step 2: Figuring out where to start

  1. What's the very first thing you will need to do with this project to make progress?  Here are some ideas:
    1. Find the pattern for sweater
    2. Figure out what piece I'm missing so I can order it and get unstuck.
    3. Clear a pathway to the part of the garage where the project is hiding...
  2. Organize the materials you will need to do that first step in one place.
If you still have time and motivation today, go ahead and do that first step!  We'll break it down even more tomorrow.

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