Sunday, July 7, 2013

The end of Google Reader...

I am morning the loss this week of my tried and true blog reader from Google.  Why Google decided to do away with my favorite procrastination tool way to stay informed of important crafting trends, I may never know.  After a very quick Google search, it looks like most of the blogosphere is switching to to track their blogs and stay on top of all the amazingness on the web.

The loss of Google Reader may not turn out to not be as devastating as I had feared.  So far, I'm really enjoying Feedly's user interface and I like that I can see more of the blog from my reader (with Google's reader I almost always had to open the blog in another window if I really wanted to read it look at the pictures.)

I have added a button the right-hand side of my page for you to subscribe to my blog using Feedly.  Let me know if you've found another blog reader you prefer and I'll investigate adding a button for it as well.

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