Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flea Market Haul!

It has been waayy too long since I've gotten a good flea market fix.  All was corrected today.  I didn't find everything on my wishlist, but I came away with a lovely piece I didn't even know I really needed.  The Silver Fox and I got to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire at a leisurely hour, I'm sure die-hard bagain-finders would find out noon arrival to be almost a waste, but we still made out pretty well:

I was on the hunt for two narrow end tables (clearly did not happen) and a vintage phone for our other-wise rediculous built-in phone nook (surely a non-functioning phone makes the nook serve more of a purpose, right?)  The phone is pretty disgusting in it's current state... but I'm hoping after it gets cleaned up and maybe with a coat of glossy spray paint, it will tranform that redundant phone nook into a conversation piece.  Also - why did Jenny need a reminder that this was her phone?  So confused...

The Silver Fox was on a hunt for some hand tools.  Don't get me started on this man and his hand tools....  Has he ever really built anything?  No.  Will he ever get the garage cleaned enough to build anything?  Remains to be seen.  But then again, I have absolutely no room to talk with the amount of craft crap treasures I have accumulated and a good deal of that garage mess is mine and most of the time I can't even find my desk top to craft on....  So yeah, I guess we are both allowed a hobby that is currently more in the dream stage than the production stage.  He made out with a couple of saws, some rusty clamps and some othe miscellaneous tools are a mystery to me.  But if he can put them to use to make me the dream end tables I didn't find today... That would be ok!

The crown jewel of my finds today is an old (slightly rusty) army green metal card catalog.  I'm not super in love with the color, but I don't know if I'd want to paint over it and lose it's rustic charm.

The lady I bought it from did some great styling with the stamped number cards (of course I lost the #18 somewhere between her booth and my house, but I bet I know where I can get some number stamps if I want to recreate the look.  Personally, I'm thinking I'll never remember what's in a drawer based on it's number, but to maintain the look, I think handstamping the labels with this amazing rotary stamp would be just the thing.

I have dreams of mounting the cabinet on some hairpin legs to lift it off the floor like this one


But for now, it's going to live on my desk among the mess and we'll see how it evolves!

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